Friday, January 4, 2013

Marina Tsvetaeva - I Like

I like that you are not obsessed with me,
I like that I have no obsession either,
And not for once in the eternity
The heavy earth beneath our feet will wither
I like I can be funny and be free,
Be careless with words and never bother
To be betrayed by tide of blush when we 
Brush with our sleeves when passing one another. 

I also like that in my company
You’re confident enough to hug the other,
You don’t foretell infernal suffering 
To me for being kissed by other lovers.
I also like you never call in vain 
The sweet  inflection of my name, my sweetie
And that we’ll never live to see the day
When wedding bells hail us with nuptial greetings.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart
For loving me so much quite unawares:
For nightly peace that you will never thwart,
For twilight dates that can not be more scarce,
For moonlight walks that we will never start,
And for the sun above that'll never wear us,
For you, alas, who’re not obsessed with me,
For me, alas, with no obsession either.

May 3rd, 1915

Translated by Dina Belyayeva


  1. Прекрасный перевод! Читала ещё несколько, но этот больше всех нравится - слова также льются, как в оригинале, спасибо большое!

  2. Благодарю за отзыв, Татьяна. Рада, что Вам понравилось.

  3. The best translation I've read. It expresses the same emotion, confusion, liberation and grieve as the original. A very talented translator. Bravo!

  4. The poem gave me the impression that the poetess was enjoying an open and free relation without the complexities of love passion. But in the two last verses, with the word "alas", she overturns everything she was saying till then. So one may conclude that the whole poem was an irony.

    1. Romantic love is complicated. Joy and sorrow, freedom and possessiveness are not far apart. And poetry is the best way to express it. Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. Brilliant translation, thank you! <3

  6. Beautiful translation, thank you!