Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sergei Yesenin - Farewell

Farewell my friend, so long, my darling.
Darling, you are here in my heart.
Even so this predestined parting
Will not keep us ever more apart.

Farewell, no clasping and no crying,
No scowling and no feeling blue -
There is nothing new about dying,
And to keep on living isn't new.


Translated by Dina Belyayeva

This is the last know poem by Sergei Yesenin, presumably wrote in his own blood when he could not find ink in the hotel Angleterre, where he was staying after he arrived to Leningrad (Sr. Petersburg) on December 24th, 1925. He was found dead in his room on December 28th. The official cause of death was recorded as suicide by handing, however, multiple severe injuries suggest a foul play.

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