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Poetry is elusive. Though apparent, it's hard to grasp at times even in one's native language. It is even more challenging when there is a language barrier. Nevertheless many poetry lovers remain fixated on the improbable task of translating poetry. But what is conceived in one language cannot be fully expressed in the other. Like many translators before me, I am well aware of the almost certain inferior outcome, still I cannot but probe the improbable. This is driven by my desire to share the wonders of the Russian Silver Age. Masterpieces from that era remain unparalleled in their depth, beauty, passion, poignancy and expressive power. The English speaking world seems to be only faintly aware of this rich heritage. This blog is an attempt to cultivate the appreciation. Here you will find my translations of the most seminal works. I hope to illuminate without the undue distortion.

About Me
Dina Belyayeva

I never dabbed in poetry in my native Russian, but was amused to find a voice in English. Translations came next. For the sake of bolstering my credibility as a translator I should mention that I have a Ph.D. in Linguistics and wrote a dissertation on semantics and bilingual memory.  My artistic exploits draw on intellectual curiosity, experience and introspection. 

Many of my translations have been disseminated across the web without my permission and due reference. These days it is the most sincere form of flattery.

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P.S. If you'd like to ponder on the topic further, Radio Lab has an episode devoted to translation.


  1. Great blog, great service to all of us who love Russian literature. Very, very grateful. Thanks. Al Kuhn

  2. I am researching Silver Age poets in Rome and stumbled upon this enchanting blog. Thank you so much. I am a fan!

    1. The Silver Age poetry still sounds contemporary and relevant, but it is far more beautiful.